About xCLASS


Increasing health awareness of citizens in Europe has led to an expanding demand for sensorial information. However, what is missing are novel and cost-effective methods to sense the desired analytes with high sensitivity, high reliability and a sufficiently small device. Additionally, today there is a severe shortage in the European spectroscopy industry of graduates and PhDs with expertise along the complete technology supply chain for the development of optical spectrometer systems.

Schematic overview of the components for spectroscopy. In xCLASS the spectrometer and the lightsource will be miniaturized to that spectroscopy can become compact, portable and scalable for high-volume production.


xCLASS will set up a training through research programme to address these shortages. The combination of high level advanced education, provided by a consortium of a leading academia centre and a leading industrial partner, within the scope of optical spectrometer systems, combined with the study and development of a disruptive compact high- performance optical spectrometer system based on the SpectroBlocks architecture is a unique feature of the training programme of xCLASS. The emphasis on the complete technology supply chain is very valuable for the ESRs to become leading experts in photonics in academy and industry and contribute to Europe’s key societal challenges such as health, food safety and a sustainable environment.